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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

You Can’t Look For Kenneth Hagin And Kenneth Copeland And Not See Them In Me – Bishop David Oyedepo

You can’t be truly connected to this commission and not radiate the blessings of this house.

The Life that is seen in the branches was gotten from the tree itself, which means as long as you are connected to your source, the flow will be natural and automatic.

Your connection to any spiritual tree, whatever the tree exhibits is what you will have the privilege to manifest in your life.

You can’t look for Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland and not see them in me, why? the connection is real, and therefore makes it easy for you to find them in me.

By the grace of election, this commission is one of the leading church of Christ on earth, one out of the many, we thank God, we are one of the church of Christ on Earth without any doubt. Jesus manifested himself without stress, 40 years unabated.

May you receive grace to be truly connected, so that the reflection of this House will be all over your life.

If you will board a flight, it is your natural right to enjoy whatever you’re served with while on board.

If you’re not well behaved the flight leaves you on the ground, and you can’t be served what they are serving others.

It is your natural right, you can even beckon on them by the use of the bell beside you, and they can’t query you for calling them. It is your right, it is paid for. Already paid for!!

In the name of the Lord Jesus, whatever blessings obtained in this House that is yet to be made manifest in your life, today is your day of release.

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