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  • Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Video: “We Are Live” – Moment Nigeria Police Manhandled Arise TV Female Reporter At Lekki Tollgate EndSARS Memorial Protest (Watch)

Today being Wednesday, October 20th 2021 which mark exactly a year Lekki Tollgate Massacre occurred, youths across Nigeria has stage a Protests in memorial of the #EndSARS Movement which started in early October 2020.

Thousands of Nigerian Young men and women are seen at Lekki Tollgate.

In the Video below, Arise TV Female Reporter was seen being harass by men of the Nigeria Police Force at Lekki Tollgate Today.

Moment Nigeria Police Force Manhandled Arise TV Female Reporter At Lekki Tollgate During The #EndSARS Memorial Protests………….

The question here is that, is peaceful protest a crime in Nigeria for reporters to capture it?
Wars are allowed to be captured by Journalist, what’s now the case of Protest in which Journalist is being harass for reporting live.

Well the answer is left for you to comment in the comment section.

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