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  • Tue. Jan 25th, 2022


A student of the University of Benin, Olive Ize-Iyamu has been declared missing by her family member,it was said that she went to cook for someone for the past two weeks and she is yet to return.

Olive a student of UNIBEN in the department of Microbiology, reportedly left home to cook at a client’s place after he placed an order for home service and paid money into her account.

According to her elder sister Constant Ebonugwu, Olive ought to be on campus as at May 17th,when they last spoke.

“When I spoke to her on Monday, she said she was in school. I came back from work on Tuesday, I tried calling her but it didn’t go through. I felt it was network issues. On Wednesday through till Sunday, I tried reaching her it didn’t go through. I became worried. I asked my older brother if he had heard from her, he said no and that he was trying to reach her but her number wasn’t going through. I said okay, no need for worry.” I later received a message from one of our cousins, Nosa, asking if she had heard from Olive. Nosa who resides in Ajah, told me that we need to look for Olive as he has not heard from her for over 9 days.

“I called three of her friends who I had their numbers who were in her school. I still didn’t understand that she was in Lagos. I still thought she was in school. So I quickly called her hostel mates and they said they hadn’t seen her for like two weeks or so and that she had not been in school. So I had to call Nosa back and asked Nosa that when did he speak to Olive and where did she tell him she was.

That was when Nosa opened up to me that Olive has been in his place in Ajah for over three weeks. He said she dressed up and said she was going to see someone, that she got an order to cook for someone as the person paid money into her account. I said cook? Does Olive cook for people? He said that was the story Olive told him. He said it has been 9 days he last heard from her.

The missing student has been reported to the Lagos state police command, Surulere division and investigation is currently ongoing.

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