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  • Mon. Nov 29th, 2021


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Twitter Increased Boko Haram Insurgency In The Country – APC Reps Member

The news around the banning of Twitter has taken a lot of shape, as we have seen different reasons why the activities on Twitter was banned in Nigeria, even reports has it that the former and past president of America, Donald Trump has backed the Federal Government up on banning the activities of Twitter in the country

A member of the Federal House of Representatives, Honorable Yunusa Ahmad Abubakar, has said that one of the major reasons why the activities of Twitter was banned in Nigeria was because, it has increased insurgency in Nigeria, expecially from the Terrorist Sect Boko Haram.

While he was speaking on channels TV today, and as he was been interviewed, the interviewer asked him, why Twitter was banned, and he said it was because of the Insurgency caused by Boko Haram, he went further and said that, they have been allowing Boko Haram to tweet, which has aggravated the Insurgency in the country.

He said “They have been allowed to be tweeting… The insurgents… They have been allowed to be tweeting”

Don’t let us forget that, the activities of Twitter was suspended, when Twitter deleted a tweet made by the President, which was against their laid down rules and regulations.

What can you say about this man’s point of view?

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