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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Those Criticizing Are Unfair, No Double Standards In Handling Bandits – Buhari Said

President Buhari has rejected the claim from Nigerians that his administration is dealing with insecurity in Nigeria with double standards, that the force he is placing on insecurity in the southwest is more than the one in the northwest of the country.

He said in the interview “They are unfair. They should ask the governors of Zamfara, Katsina, and Sokoto how we have deployed Military men and Police to their state to fight the Bandits.”

He went further and said, “We are not sparing anybody, but you know there are more Forest in north west,” this sounds like a factor why there hasn’t been effective fight against bandits in the northwest of the country.

He was asked what he meant by saying “.. the language they understand” and he explained like this “What will you gain if you enter a police station, kill the people there, carry their armories, go ahead to open the prison, and release criminals that has been charged, and you let them go out?”

There is no government that will allow that to happen, and no government will sit and fight back at those who are found in such act.

Do you think there are other measures we should adopt to fight insecurity in this country? You can let them out in the comment section below.

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