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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

They Said We Are The Largest Church In The Northern Part Of Nigeria, And I Asked Them This Question – Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo said, there was a time when they said we are the largest church in the Northern part of the country, and I asked them, where is the north located in the map of the world.

Don’t mistake the good for the perfect, many died as local champions, God is taking you somewhere.

Some businesses in this country are booming, and they will soon spread all across Africa, and even gain access to Europe, they will go down to Asia as well.

It takes the spirit of servanthood to be able to live above fainting and the discouragement in your service and stewardship. It takes such spirit to enjoy continuity, without been affected by downtimes, it takes the same spirit to keep going without giving up, when others are giving up.

So I pray that the Lord Jesus, will grant you fresh enduement of the spirit of servanthood.

Remain in that your service, that is God’s ultimate agenda, which is your guarantee to your years of prosperity, and years of pleasure.

God’s blessing on you will keep speaking in your generations after you, like it happened to Abraham.

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