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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

PDP Will Return To Power in 2023 And We Won’t Disappoint Nigerians – Aminu Tambuwal

The forthcoming election is something every Nigerian is expecting, but it still looks like 2023 is still a bit far, but a lot of plans are sure to be going on with so many political parties, and we can’t wait to have another person lead this country come 2023.

The People Democratic Party had their governor’s forum banquet organized by Akwa Ibom state, where Aminu Tambuwal is the chairman of the PDP governor’s forum and also the governor of Sokoto State.

He said myself and my other colleagues won’t disappoint Nigerians, and we are also determined to rescue Nigeria, both the governors and the party at large.

He went Further and said God is on our side, we are willing and determined as leaders to prove that PDP Will strife to emerge the seat of power in the year 2023, and he implore all citizens to keep praying for the country to be able to overcome the insecurities challenges.

Governor Emmanuel Edom also said that the people of the state governed by PDP is doing well. PDP legal Adviser, Emmanuel Enoidem said that the National Working Committee (NWC) is proud of them, that is the elected PDP governors.

In the meeting apart from Governor Emmanuel and Tambuwal, other states that are present is Adamawa, Rivers, Taraba, Delta, Enugu, Bayelsa, the deputy governor of Zamfara, and Edo state’s governor were all in attendance.

Can PDP emerge power in 2023? Let us hear your view about that.

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