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  • Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Palestine/Israeli Conflict a Wound that never heals – Oluwatosin E. Ogundeyi

Like a chronic wound that never heals the Israeli–Palestinian conflict continue to fester. The tension that got intense this few weeks, comes from the background of an history of violence, confrontations and conflicts , that has now grown to involve rocket firing, air strikes and destruction of lives and property. Lots of accusations have been going back and forth between the two parties involved, however threats of eviction can be regarded as one of the causative agent of the new conflict that have now emerged after a short period of peace, evicting the Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah is suicidal, sheikh jarrah is a Palestinian area just outside the walls of the Old City, properties and lands in this area have been claimed by Israelites through court orders .This is coming after a backdrop of dispute over homes from years of israel government efforts of Jewish domination of Jerusalem. The heavy policing of Palestine’s during Ramadan, the holy month is one of the reasons for the conflict, The israeli have been accused of using CS gas and stun grenades inside al-Aqsa mosque, this mosque is regarded as the holiest place for Muslims after Mecca and Medina. What was the response of the Palestines? the Hamas leadership had no other choice then the use of threats and force. An ultimatum was issued for the removal of the Israeli forces from the al-Aqsa compound and also Sheikh Jarrah, and then force was also applied by the firing of rockets at Jerusalem
The response of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu through this viral tweet was spontaneous

“the terrorist organisations in Gaza crossed a red line… Israel will respond with great force”.

The israel defense forces also tweeted
“Just moments before terrorists in Gaza tried to fire rockets toward Israeli civilians, our aircraft struck & destroyed their 2 rocket launchers, stopping them in their tracks.

We will respond with force as needed.”

Notably the Israelis are telling the story of terrorist attack on them, they are of course fighting a war against terrorism, the Palestinians are fighting domination, subjugation and unlawful eviction.

These all, are fruits of the seed of conflicts between the two parties from time immemorial, it transcends just religion. Their is a Political perspective to it, the struggle for self-determination by the Palestinian only got them limited control over their affairs, with Israeli authorities violent conflict over and over again. The Palestinians economy is largely dependent on the Israelis, therefore any economic restrictions and sanctions adversely affect them. As no state is an island, relating globally becomes important, Efforts at international recognition becomes very important for the Palestinian Authority.
The Palestinians believe they received the Jews when every one else rejected them and they have only grown to occupy and take their lands from the them, while the Israelis believes the Palestine’s are just a tool in the hands of the larger Arab coalition in the Arab–Israeli war, the Violence and conflict will always happen again and again if the root cause of the conflict is left unresolved. The international community have continually played a role in this conflict, unequal treatments on both parties by the international community is quite evident, The U.S Trump led administration took Israel as an ally in the Middle East, the Biden Administration deviated a bit from this, supporting the Palestine with some Covid-19 support funds which is believed to have been used to get more weapons of war. The international community must therefore adopt equality if they want peace to exist in the Middle East.
Like the BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen remarked,
“It is an open wound in the heart of the Middle East and it is why violent face-to-face confrontations have escalated into rocket-firing, air strikes and death.”. The world must pay attention to this growing conflict and must not see it as a storm in a teacup lest we have Third World War.

Oluwatosin E. Ogundeyi

  • Head of Politics
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