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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Nnamdi Kanu Has Been Declared Wanted, With Millions Of Naira For Whoever Finds Him

The Indigenous People of Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kanu has been declared wanted by a group known as Northern Consensus Movement, NCM over the destruction and killings of Northerners in the southeast, and a sum of N100M bounty has been placed on Kanu, which was declared by Dr Auwal Abdullahi who is the president of the group.

Abdullai accuse Nnamdi Kanu of using his IPOB and ESN people to attack the northerners in the southewest. He said we are placing a wanted demand of Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB and Eastern Security Network (ESN) for killing, destroying, and taking some lawful business in the South East of the country.

We beckon on all other countries and we urge the United States, the German Government to send Nnamdi Kanu back to Nigeria, because he is the man behind the killings, the destructions of Properties that belongs to Innocent Northerners who are in the South East side of the country, using his terrorist organisation, IPOB and ESN.

The association then decided to place a bounty of N100M on Nnamdi Kanu to be collected by whosoever can produce him without being hurt, and also hale and hearty, so that we can deliver him to the security agencies for continuous prosecutions.

What can you say about this development from the Northern group? And is Nnamdi Kanu responsible for all the killings in the South East of Nigeria?

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