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  • Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

At the moment,it is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that our dear country Nigeria is going through hard times at the moment and the only way we can get out of this problems not forgetting about the COVID-19 that played a negative role in our economy is that the government should massively invest in the youth of this nation because that is where our strength lies,if you look at every sector of life,you would find a young Nigerian doing extremely well all over the world and that is why the government needs to see the youth as one of the biggest constitutes that needs a more enabling environment to transform this nation into a more desirable place.

The present political situation within Nigeria
which happens to be Africa’s most populous country, largest economy and most notable democracy, Nigeria is a bellwether for the continent. A weakening economy, rising insecurity and violent conflicts threaten progress made in its democratic development. amid deepening distrust in government and institutions, Nigeria has a lot of work to do on improving the national, state and local security and ensuring that there is good governance ahead of forthcoming elections in 2023.

Nigeria’s federalism gives governors huge responsibilities in addressing issues propelling the country’s multiple conflicts, including armed banditry, kidnapping,Boko Haram Insurgency,pastoralist herder violence, deepening regional divides.

Currently, there are lots of things noble citizens of Nigeria and those in diaspora are expecting from the government which they are yet to get from the government which means the status quo is still quite abysmal.

The government at all levels need to go back to the drawing board and use a bottom top approach at handling national issues that majorly deal with the welfare of the people.

Our leaders should ensure that every level of government is accountable,accessible,ready to carry out the will of the people which would make trust to be regained.

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