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  • Mon. Nov 29th, 2021


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The committee set up by NGF has recommended a petrol price of between N408.5 per litre and N380 per litre and called for immediate removal of fuel subsidy.

This decision was made public in the virtual government forum meeting yesterday. “We are dealing with a tyrant, industrial action may be escalated, says NLC President, Wabba”

Nasir El-Rufai, has accused governors of other states of neglecting his administration in its face-off with the Nigeria Labour Congress.

The Kaduna state governor further accused an anonymous governor of providing mobilisation funds for the NLC to destabilise Kaduna State.

The workers in Kaduna state began a five-day strike on Monday over El-Rufai administration’s retrenchment of 45,000 workers and the alleged anti-labour policies.

Confusion has loom the state on Tuesday as workers were being attacked by thugs at a rally organised by the NLC which the congress threatened to declare a nationwide strike.

El-Rufai has earlier accused the NLC President,Ayuba Wabba, sabotaging the economy of the state. This also made the Kaduna state governor to accuse his fellow governors of not supporting him.

“I am a governor. I am one of you. The least I expect from the Nigeria Governors Forum is unequivocal and unqualified support. I didn’t see that in that statement.” El’Rufai said.

The Nigeria Governor’s Forum, in a statement by its Chairman, Dr Kayode Fayemi, on Monday had pleaded with the NLC to exercise restraint in its engagement with the Kaduna State Government.

Furthermore, while presenting the report of the NGF committee on subsidy on petrol, El-Rufai, being the chairman of the committee, explained that the current subsidy regime was unsustainable because smugglers and illegal markets in neigbouring African countries were the beneficiaries.

In addition, the committee had recommended that the removal of subsidies should be immediate to save the nation’s economy.

He noted that Nigeria, like other Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries member countries, agreed to a cut production to keep the prices high but that Nigeria could not fully benefit from the regime because of subsidies.

“Between N70bn and N210bn is estimated to be spent every month to keep gasoline price at N162 per litre, this is below the cost price and the remittance to the federation account will shrink to less than N50bn per month or even zero if threats persist. Kaduna State governor says”

The forum give reason for keeping the price at N162 “We are keeping the price because the Federal Government and trade unions met and agreed to the suspension of some industrial action months back.”

It was stated by El-Rufai, “The committee recommends PMS pump price increment from the current N162per litre to N408.5 per litre (negotiations with organized labour unions). N380per litre (settlement with organized labour).”

Fayemi explained that the forum was not in direct negotiations with the striking union but with the representatives of the National Judicial Council and the speakers’ parliament.

“It is in the interest of Nigeria that they return to work for justice to be dispensed to many Nigerians awaiting trial or justice. Fayemi said”

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