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  • Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Microblogging Platform Twitter Refuses To Suspend President Buhari’s Account Over His “Threat” Tweet


Jun 2, 2021 , ,

It is no longer a news that, Nigerians reacted to the tweet made by the president of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari, a tweet that Nigerians called “threat” tweet. President Muhammad Buhari in his tweet said that he always receive a lot reports about the insecurity and attacks in the nation, and that it is clear that, those who are behind it, wants his administration to fail, and he went ahead and said that those behind it will soon receive the shock of their lives.
He talked about dealing with the people who are the sponsors and the major people behind destroying the peace of the country, that he will deal with them, and he said he had a meeting with INEC about the insecurities in the nation, and that it is unacceptable, and that his administration will do that it can do, and make sure the perpetrators do not fulfil their evil desires.
This tweet made Nigerians react, because some Nigerians, tagged his tweet as a threat, to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), their Military wing, and Eastern Security Network (ESN), and that made them report his account to the owner of Twitter, but the Microblogging Platform boss has said that the tweet made by President Muhammad Buhari didn’t violate their rule, which in other words means that his account can’t be suspended.
Nigerians have now said that why was former America’s President, Donald Trump’s account suspended when he did something similar during the time of the election? This is still a question with no answer yet. Nigerians wouldn’t have reported his account, if they had the opportunity to respond to the tweet, but the president restricted the tweets from getting response, that was Nigerians only had the opportunity to report him to the Twitter boss.

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