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  • Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

Life Is Not A Game, Don’t Make A Decision Until You Know The Consequences – Dr. Myles Munroe [Read Details]

I want you to write two things down Game and Chance.

Life is not a game, so you don’t play with your life.

Laws are never created to accommodate vices but to stop them.

Vices usually pre-exist law.

The ten commandments were not given until over ten thousand years after man sin.

When the law arrive sin came alive.

Laws are supposed to stop the proliferation of device.

Laws are not created to accommodate a vice, they are created to stop them.

Consequences are more important than decision.

Once you have decided to live the consequences, decision are easy to make.

It is irresponsible for Leaders to transfer the burden of a decision to the followers that a leader suppose to live.

Adam never pick a fruit.

We need leaders who are bold enough to execute the Iaw.

Chance is a game to the wealthy but it is a source of hope to the poor, they expect to live on it.

If you buy a raffle ticket because you need a car that’s not a game, but if you buy a raffle ticket because you have a car that’s a game.

If you need chance in order to live, it will destroy you.

If we are going to play a game the powers who have been given responsibility should take the consequences.

Personal sin and transgression is not A National sin.

If you sin personally, he will judge you personally.
God judges you personally base on your personal sin.

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