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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

The Christian Body of Nigeria, CAN has said to President Buahri to give orders to the Military officers to make sure they immediately sought after the release of the abducted Pastor
Popoola David Kayode of Calvary Baptist Church at Kurmin Mashi, Kaduna State.

It was reported that unknown gunmen kidnapped the pastor, hours after the attacked and abducted the students of Bethel High School, Chukun local government of Kaduna State.

The secretary to the body, Joseph Daramola said, since the government could do everything to bring back the IPOB leader to Nigeria, it shows they are capable of bringing an end to criminalities in Nigeria. He said why will the government be at the mercies of the terrorists, kidnappers, why do we have government in power?

He said the government who could ensure they bring back Nnamdi Kanu to the country is strong enough to bring down the act of criminalities in this great country. Have the criminals taken over where there is legitimate government? Though we are praying but faith without work from the government is all going to be in vain. We won’t deny the fact that you are doing your best, but we can also say your best is not enough, and the most bitter Truth is that, Nigeria no longer looks safe to live again.

CAN also warned the Federal Government to make sure this case doesn’t finally result to what happened to Rev Lawan Andimi and CAN chairman of Michika Local government, who were finally killed after been Abducted some years ago. He said he knows this is a test for Chief Security Officer, and the world is watching to see what will finally happen.

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