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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Jose Mourinho Speaks On The Penalty Awarded For England At The Semi Final

The special one Jose Mourinho has expressed his view over the penalty awarded for England in their match against Denmark at the Semi Final match in Wembley stadium. The match that saw England progress to the final of EUROs.

Mourinho said , Danny Makkelie who was the officiating referee won’t sleep well for awarding such penalty in extra-time, though he said England deserves to be in the final, but he berates the decision of the referee.

“It was an amazing game, but I’m not sure you want to listen to my opinion,” Mourinho told talkSPORT.

This what I have to say, the referee is not going to sleep well for such decision.

This is my opinion, it was never a penalty, though the best team won, because England deserve a win, because they were fantastic, but for me it was never a penalty.

I don’t understand why the VAR didn’t call on the referee to recheck the incident, and probably change his decision.

The Danish team tried, and I expected England to win, but I would have loved it, if it was through another means, and not the penalty awarded to them.

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