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  • Tue. Oct 19th, 2021


Making lives Victorious Via Media. Informing the World..

I Have Given Power To The Military And Police To Be Ruthless – President Buhari

The insecurity in Nigeria is becoming more rampant, as so lives are reported to die in a day, and it has become an order of the day, and so many families have been thrown into pain over the loss of their family members.

Recall that the President Tweeted some days ago, that they will treat some set of people by the language they understand which caused some chaos on the microblogging platform Twitter, in which the tweet was finally deleted.

The President in an interview on the Arise TV, said that “I have told the Military personnel, and the Police Force to make sure they are Ruthless against bandits who are terrorizing the peace of the North West region of the country.

In his statement from the interview, which I quote “Problems in the North Western part of the country, where we have people steal from each other’s cattle, burning each other’s houses or villages, He said I have said this before, we will be treating them in the language they understand. He went ahead and said that We have given the Police Force and the Military Personnel the power to be ruthless. Just watch it, in the next few weeks, you will see the difference.”

I am sure this will cause some controversial debate, as why is it that it’s only the bandits in the North Western part of the country that will be dealt with, what of the herdsmen Killing people in the south western part of the country, what of those that are killing people in the south south part of the country?

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