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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

How To Avoid Getting Heartbroken Again

Its so much in this age and time that we cannot avoid coming across heartbreak stories.

if you haven’t been broken maybe once or more yourself, you sure know someone who knows someone wey don chop breakfast (as we do call it in this part of the world) before.

It’s really disastrous to be broken and it can practically affect every aspect of one’s life, have heard quite a number of people that’s lost their minds, destroy their properties, and even commit suicide all to this cause, that’s how intense heartbreak is.

But the goodness is that it can be avoided.

So here are few things to do to avoid getting heartbroken again.

  1. limit your expectations

You know the reason why you get broken when something happens in the first place?
It’s simply because you never expected such!

Probably because of how high you’ve placed the person involved due to how much he or she has promised or how far you’ve gone, however your expectation was big and you never saw that coming

you never expect your boyfriend or girlfriend could ever leave or cheat on you, so what happens if he or she does?
You become so heartbroken!

But that can be avoided if you lower your expectations

Keep it in your mind that your partner is a human and no human is perfect, don’t expect yours to be.

Don’t expect too much

Bring your expectations to the lowest minimal
and you might never have nothing to do with heartbreak again

  1. work your value level up

P.s I’m not justifying leading someone on when you know you can’t have them eventually…

But Most times its not about those who jilted us and betrayed us but about us not being what they can keep, the only difference is they sometimes don’t say it and lead us on,

That is why you need to be a problem solver and not the problem itself,

So if you’re in a relationship you should make life easier for your partner.

No sane man or woman would break the heart of someone who contributes to his or her partner’s growth in all aspects of life.

And i mean you should give value, not just sex or money
That can be gotten in places you can even imagine, but give values that cannot be gotten somewhere else.

Do this
And watch that man/woman be so afraid to let you go.

  1. Don’t ever let anyone love you more than you love yourself

The most important person in the world is you.
The most beautiful or handsome being is you.
You’re amazingly, beautifully and wonderfully made.
You should know and believe all that to the point that no one can tell you otherwise.

No on should love you more than you love yourself.

Whoever isn’t having you in his or her life is missing something divine.

So you really need to love you.
And not depend on your partner or whoever else for validation,
You should be so conscious of yourself that no one can tell you something about you that you don’t know.

Don’t depend your whole life on something or somebody, you’re belittling yourself that way.

Know your worth, know your value, get a vision
And a mission, it will keep your life in check
And make sure you’re what you say

Walk your talks always.

You really should know that no one can break your heart without your permission

So don’t let them!

Welcome to a world free of heart breaks.

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  1. We’ll said me I don learn my lesson cos I don chop breakfast tire so now meself don level up na me con dey serve breakfast

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