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  • Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

We sell data for all networks, bill payment, cables subscriptions all at a pocket friendly rate.

Not just that , we have a well trained and competent customer care service on ground to rectify issues once one is encountered, also we run a 24 hours customer service on weekdays only, on weekends, we have working hours.

Lastly we have just launched a mobile app to curb the stress of website visiting stress.

It is on playstore for downloads……

Click the link below to download App from Google Playstore; the brand you can trust!

Here are the obtainable features on the app;

MTN Data as low as N239 per Gb

Recharge card printing

Examination card

Password Reset

Fingerprint unlock

Swift response

Contact sync

User friendly interface

Logging complaints chat

All, in the newly launched EGCDATA App.

So what are you waiting for,click the below link to download the app…

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