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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Five Things We Won’t Forget About The Euro 2020 Final [Photos & Video Highlight]

The Euro 2020 has come to an end after a dramatic, and intense match between England and Italy at the Wembley stadium, which was filled with fans to support both countries for the final.

Here are the things we noticed from the final

  1. Luke Shaw’s early goal was the fastest goal scored in an European Championship final, which was scored at 1 min 57 seconds.
  2. Sancho and Rashford were substituted to come and play penalties, and the two Manchester United players, lost the penalties simultaneously.
  3. Italy had the most wins in this competition by winning six times in this tournament, also they didn’t loose any qualifier games for the tournament.
  4. England still have to wait again for another final, after their last final before this came up in 1966.
  5. The Arsenal player, who is just 18 years plus was made to play the decisive penalty, and he lost it.

Till the next four years for the tournament, Italy remains the European Champions.

The fastest goal scored in an European Championship final by Luke Shaw.

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