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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Father’s Day: Pastor Adeboye Teaches On How To Propel Your Father’s Blessings

God is love, and because of the love he has for us, he loves to bless us, just like what he did to Adam and Eve in Gen 1 vs 27 – 28, after he created them, he blessed them.

In other words, if your earthly father blesses you, it is same as though It is God that blessed you directly because he has given our earthly Fathers power to bless us the way he will bless.

We see this in Genesis 27:33: that nothing good comes in a cheap way, in other words the father’s blessings are expensive, when it comes from the deep part of the heart.

I just arrived at the airport, and I was with two big bags, and there were two of my children in the Lord who saw me, and one of them just greeted me, while the other collected the bags, and I said God bless you, then the other one said I didn’t say God bless you, then I asked what did you do that warrant me saying the same statement to you? Making your father happy will push him to bless you.

What kind of gift can you give to either your spiritual or biological father that will propel him to bless you, and backed up by the heavens?
If you know it, give it to him, and tell him to bless you, he will be happy to do so because you have made him happy.
The blessings of your father will catapult you to greatness.

Source – Open HEAVEN Devotional

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