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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Every Problem Is A Business: The Four Laws Of Business As Unveiled By Dr. Myles Munroe

The Four Laws Of Business as unveiled by Dr. Myles Munroe are listed below.

  • Be Fruitful
    The word fruitful in Hebrew means be productive. Produce something that I can buy.
    The first command is be fruitful. God ignores the entire first step.
    When God demand something from you, it exist.

A Nation’s wealth is measured by Gross National Productivity (GNP).

Money doesn’t make you rich, productivity does.

You keep going to Bank to borrow money to buy stock that isn’t productive.

The command presumes that seed exist in you right now.

Produce something.

Your seed is an idea.

Every problem is a business.

Produce your seed.

  • Multiply
    Develop a system.

What you can not multiply you can not succeed in.

  • Replenish
    Distribute your product.
  • Subdue
    If you do not control your market, you will die poor.
    Subdue means if anybody wants a product like yours you’re the first person they come to.

Watch the video of the four Laws of business by Dr. Myles Munroe below;

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