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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has issued out orders to the Lagos state residents, and also to make sure they adhere strictly to the orders, and protocols of the state.

The Lagos state governor had to give strict orders because of the increase in covid-19 cases in Lagos and some other States in the country, as released by the Federal Capital Territory.

The governor who spoke at the presentation of the party flag of All Progressive Congress, APC said that the Government, will keep doing all that can be done to manage the situation and that the citizens should as well add their own quota by adhering to all orders.

We are monitoring the positivity rate, and we have taken two things into consideration, because we don’t want to place fear on people, and also we don’t want to be idle about this matter. Every day, we check the positivity rate, and we are trying our best to manage it, we just expect everyone to act and be law abiding, so that they can protect themselves, and their families.

We are trying our best to be transparent and be truthful about this situation, and that is why we are communicating well with our people, and we are saying, where you don’t need to gather, make sure you don’t gather there, where it is difficult for you to adhere to the covid-19 directives, don’t bother to be there.

If you are going out, go out with your face mask, make sure you adhere to the rules, we are doing all in our capacity to bring the curve down, the federal government has assured us that by the end of August, we will be getting another batch of covid-19 vaccine, and will commence the vaccination exercise again.

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