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  • Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

CARE FOR YOUR HEALTH,SAVE THE RISK OF SUDDEN DEATH. May 17 World Hypertension Day – Mayokun P. Akingbohungbe

The world hypertension league on may 14 2005,launched and dedicated may 17 of every year as WORLD HYPERTENSION DAY.ever since 2006.It was ‘treat to goal’ and for ‘awareness of high blood pressure’ and through different themes each year.WHL intends not only to raise awareness about hypertension but also of its factors and prevention methods since it affects more than 30% of the adult population worldwide.

What then is refer to as High blood pressure:
High blood pressure is also called hypertension, it is blood pressure that is higher than normal.hypertension is the main risk factor for cardiovascular diseases which include coronary heart disease and stroke.It is also responsible for triggering chronic kidney disease,heart failure.
Stressing the need for increasing awareness about the ‘silent killer’ and helping people realize that it is a preventable and controllable condition. High level stress,obesity,sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits are some of the main reasons for hypertension in young people.

       Therefore since may 17 is dedicated to create awareness for this ''silent killer'' called hypertension, do not panic cause there are preventive and controllable measure.''we can't do anything about our age,but we can do something about our lifestyle'',says Dr.  Olugbenga Ogedengbe,MD,MPH.

To avoid a hypertension diagnosis make these healthy lifestyle choices:

  1. Maintain a healthy weight: your weight is crucial,overweight people should try to loose weight and people of normal weight should avoid adding on any pounds.
  2. Eat a balanced diet:eating healthy foods can help keep your blood pressure under control,get plenty of fruits and vegetable and limits your intake of saturated fat,trans fat and sugar.
  3. Cut back on salt: a low sodium diet can help keep the blood pressure normal.
  4. Exercise regularly: the more exercise you get the better,but even a little bit can help control blood pressure.
  5. Limit your intake of alcohol.
  6. Manage stress:at least try to relax from the day activities, medication may help you manage from the stress and high blood pressure.
  7. Monitor your blood pressure either at home or doctor’s office.
    TAKE NOTE:high blood Pressure often occurs with no symptoms,so only blood pressure readings will tell you,if your blood pressure is on the rise.
    Don’t use your health to joke,take a look at your lifestyle, habits and decide where you can change to help prevent hypertension. TAKE YOUR HEALTH AND MEDICATION SERIOUS TO AVOID SUDDEN DEATH.

Mayokun Pamilerinayo Akingbohungbe.

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