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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Al-Mustapha Revealed What Killed Abacha As Against The Report That It Was From Eating Apples

The death of General Sani Abacha was reported to happen after he ate poisoned apple from prostitutes, but the former Chief Security Officer to the late Head of state, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha has said Abacha didn’t die of poisoned apples and he gave a detailed information about how he died.
While he was talking about his late boss, he said that Abacha died after a brief illness. He went ahead and said that the Head of state’s health started deteriorating from the Abuja International Airport after his handshake with the security personnel that followed President Yasser Arafat happened, on June 7, 1998.
Not too long after the handshake, he said he noticed a change in the response of Abacha, and at instant he informed Col Abdallaj, who was the Aide-de-Camp then, and he advised they keep there eyes close to Abacha. He went further and said that later in the evening of that day, around 6pm, Abacha’s doctor came around to give him injection so that he can be stabilized and was told to take a Short rest.
Al-Mustapha went further and said when it was about 5am, the security personnels came to me, and said that Abacha was not stable. When I got to his bedside, I saw him already gasping, and it is against our job to touch him, so I could not touch him. I had to kneel close to him, and seek for permission if I could touch him, and I shouted ‘General Sani Abacha’, grant me the permission to touch you and as well carry you.
I had to knock the stool beside him, and ask same question, but there was no response. I had to put a call through to the Head of state personal physician, Dr Wali, who came around and administered injection to him, at his heart and at his neck, but it didn’t stabilize him, and later the doctor said that he’s dead and there’s nothing that can be done.
This is the explanation made by Al-Mustapha who was the Chief Security Officer during the regime of Gen Sani Abacha, that He didn’t die of Apple poisoning but from illness.

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