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  • Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

A Governor Once Gave Me An Envelope And I Said I Don’t Partake In Your Stolen Money – Bishop David Oyedepo

The spirit of Faith is for you, because it will bring you into your future and you will be operating in, even in the present.

There was a day a lady came to me from Switzerland, this is a story I have told you before.

She came to me while we were still in Kaduna, she came cumbered and troubled, she said I should pray for her, and that she will give me an offering.

When I pounced on her, she was afraid, and I told her, if you are not blind, you will acknowledge that I am richer than you, that was in 1987.

A Governor also gave me an envelope in the year 1990, and I asked him, hope it’s your money.

You will find the envelope in my various documents, because his name is on it, and he said, sir, it is my money.

Then I asked him, how dare you give me something, to do what with it? Then I told him, I can’t partake in your stolen stuff. Glory to God.

We have many people who are blessing this church that are not partakers of such money, and the surest way to continue seeing such thing happen is to stay glued to God, and then you will see favor flowing from God to your direction.

Everyone in this commission must be a carrier of the identity of prosperity, by working diligently in the convenant of abundance, tirelessly, enjoyable and not coerced.

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